Where's George?
Overlapping lives are briefly glimpsed as a dollar bill changes hands again and again before a warm, sexy San Francisco night is over.

The filming of Where's George? began in 1999, and along with extensive post-production, was completed in 2009. This 85 minute feature is an irreverent romp through the underbelly of San Francisco nightlife. In just one night a dollar bill passes from hand to hand, and the camera follows the many characters whose lives overlap randomly as they use "George" to tip waiters, pizza guys, and doormen, make change and for purposes that would make the old Mint cringe.

The brief glimpses of these randomly linked lives lets us eavesdrop on conversations with the ring of late-night reality. Humorous, poignant, scatological, exasperating, arrogant, insecure and all too human. A tasty slice of night time San Francisco before Y2K, served fresh and quirky the way you like it.